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Fix n’ Do Handyman Services wants to be your handyman for life.  I want to earn your trust and provide great service so that you will never feel the need to call anyone else.

Why call me?  There are many reasons:  I do great work and I’m safe, clean, considerate and professional.  I answer my emails, phone calls and texts- all in significantly less than 24 hours.   I show up when I say I will.  I always provide an honest assessment of the work to be done and I offer free estimates along with fair pricing for the level of quality and professionalism I provide.

But the most important reason you should call me?   I’m a homeowner.  I’ve spent countless hours working on my own house to get it just the way I want it.  I know what my house means to me and I’m certain your house or business means just as much to you.  I understand that your house is not just a “job-site”.   It’s the place you spend time with your family, where you relax, where you feel safe.  I will treat your home or business with the utmost respect- I will come in and complete the project with the least amount of disruption and inconvenience to your home and routine as possible.

I can’t possibly explain all the services and benefits of choosing Fix n’ Do in the space available here.  Please have a look around the site, I’ve tried to provide plenty of information about what I do and how I conduct my business.  If you can’t find what you’re looking for, feel free to email me.

Christopher Koepfle
Chief Executive Manager
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