Seniors & Single Parents

Are you finding it more difficult each year to keep up with your routine home maintenance?  Not so comfortable up on a ladder anymore? Do you just want to enjoy your home without all the hassle of repairs and upkeep?  Maybe you’re a single mom and know something’s broken, but you’re not sure what it is or who you can trust to be straight with you?

Whether you’ve entered your golden years and just want to enjoy yourself or you’re a single parent who wants to avoid the nonsense and get back to their life, Fix n’ Do can help you.  Check out our residential services page to see some of the things we can help with.

Fix n’ Do has experience with helping seniors and single parents.  We know you don’t need to be upsold or given a line of nonsense about how your problem is much worse than it seems.  Fix n’ Do will provide you with an honest assessment of the issue and will explain in as much detail as you can stand, what the issue is and how to correct it.   If its a particularly easy fix, we’ll even show you how to do it yourself so you can save some cash the next time it happens.  We can even offer discounted rates on non-emergencies if you let us schedule you during slow periods or gaps in our schedule.

Call us today at 1-815-931-3464 or email us here to discuss your needs or answer your questions!